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Private Coaching Testimonials

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Storytelling Training

"Bill Graham is that rare instructor who actually gets people thinking. Bill makes the abstract idea of storytelling concrete. He shares tools that turn classic theory into sound constructive advice. Under Bill's guidance, the wall of writer's block reveals hidden doors to powerful solutions. His excellent process and imagination step communicating-through-story up to the next level. I use his theories with my writing staff every day."

Meg Kelly Co-Headwriter, Days of Our Lives, NBC April 16, 2013

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Presentation Coaching

"A huge part of my company's practice is delivering presentations on social media. Having been in Toastmasters for years and having delivered speeches on social media across the country, I was pretty sure I had my presentation down.

That is, until Bill Graham attended one of my sessions.

Bill suggested that I weave detailed tips and tricks into my presentation so audience members can see the specific business value of social media. Previously, I would simply imply the business value without explicitly saying so. He also provided other feedback which also helped me tremendously.

As a result, my presentations are more effective, my clients are happier and my business is running at a much improved rate. Bill Graham's consultation added hard-dollar value to my business.

I cannot recommend Bill enough. Do yourself a favor and hire him; you won't regret it."

David Deutsch Founder and Chief Strategist, SynergiSocial, LLC January 19, 2013

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Executive Coaching

After learning how the face affects likeability from Bill, I discovered it's also an important part of active listening. When I maintain a warm and welcoming expression, it invites the person I'm speaking with to offer more information than if my face is difficult to read. I find the extra information I gain helps me make better decisions.

Thomas Browne, Jr. January 15, 2013

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Storytelling Coaching

"I knew I had great stories to tell, but I could not find an effective way to convey them for interviews. What Bill was able to teach me in 3 sessions far exceeded my expectations. When I watch the first lesson on DVD compared to the last one, I was amazed at my transformation!"

Angelo M. January 14, 2013

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Coaching by Phone

"Bill's coaching helped me survive a crisis in my job. A new co-worker complained about me. After faithfully working for the organization for almost two decades, the administration gave me a poor evaluation. My job was definitely in jeopardy. Bill helped me see the issues through their viewpoint and respond in a way that made me part of the team, rather than a "thorn in their side." I would never have come up with Bill's approach on my own. Throughout the coaching, I was impressed with Bill's creativity, patience, and ability to help me to get what I wanted- to keep my job.

Thanks to Bill, I was open to their concerns and had a strong desire to give them what they wanted. They were happy and pleased with my attitude. The whole affair blew over, and a year later, I still have my job!"

Karen P. January 13, 2013

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Sales Storytelling

"I cannot begin to thank you enough for the insight you've given to me during our sessions together. As a fellow Irishman, I've always enjoyed telling stories as part of my everyday life, but as a “professional," I thought I had to be the starched, button-downed know-it-all that I believed people would respond to. No wonder no one liked him, because even I didn't!

You have showed me how to transform what can be dry, fact and detail-laden material into stories that resonate with my audience - whether it’s a couple sitting in my office or a room full of skeptics, almost visibly afraid of being "sold" something.

I would whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone who thinks being liked and remembered might help them in their chosen profession. I look forward to working with you well into the future."

Timothy Brunnock, Esq. Wealth Advisor/Attorney January 12, 2013

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Media Coaching

"I knew some important conversations with journalists were just round the corner. Bill coached me through his simple steps to giving a winning interview. The reaction among my professional colleagues was fantastic. Family and friends were equally impressed with my comments, I could not have asked for better advice or counsel."

Craig Esherick Vice President of Athletic Relations CSTV- College Sports Television January 11, 2013

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Executive Presentation Coaching

"You certainly made a difference in how our story was conveyed to investors. A large majority of the investors bought in the IPO. My work with you was helpful in every one of our 30+ meetings. Thank you for all your help."

Andy Lerner InterAtlantic Group January 10, 2013

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Presentation Training

"You are amazing. Our client gave his presentation to the sales force yesterday. He was great. His expertise in the sector clearly came through. He was confident. As I told him, he was a new man. All of the people who had heard his presentation before were amazed at the difference. Also, people who were hearing him for the first time said, 'Great Story.'

Whatever you are charging, you can charge more."

Mary Lou Malanoski Executive Vice President Morgan Joseph & Co. Inc. January 9, 2013

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Professional Coaching

"Bill Graham knows that most of the time, you may only have one shot at your audience, and is expert at making that one opportunity count to the max. He has an uncanny ability to make people care about what he's saying, and -- by extension -- what you're saying. He instinctually can sense the perfect balance between factual argument and emotional appeal, and understands that oftentimes it's as much how you say it as it is what you're saying.

He has helped us with our work immeasurably."

Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld New York Times bestselling novelists; television (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS), film (BROKEN BRIDGES),and stage (ANNE FRANK AND ME) writers. January 8, 2013