Making the complicated simple and the simple powerful®


Bill Graham delivers programs that are specifically crafted for each audience.  He works closely with clients so that his presentation speaks to the issues, concerns and even vocabulary of the group.


Variations of his programs usually focus on communication, messaging, leadership and engagement.


Some popular topics presented as speeches, seminars, and workshops include:

  • Improve Your Likeability, Improve Your Impact: If you are a leader, you sell ideas.  If you are an entrepreneur or salesperson, you sell products.  Whatever you do, if customers and staff don’t like you, they won’t buy what you are selling. Bill Graham gives his audiences immediately usable likeability skills that improve their relationships and help them communicate with impact.
  • Be Memorable Tell Stories– Computers remember information using logic.  People remember information based on emotional connections.  Nothing makes an emotional connection better than a good story.  Storytelling is easy.  Bill shows you how with a simple process that will help your listeners remember you and want to work with you.
  • Challenge Your Leadership- There are 3 jobs in the world: Doers, Managers and Leaders.  Doers row the boat.  Managers make the Doers row faster.  Leaders decide where the boat is going.  Then, Leaders convince the Doers that their lives will be better if they go there too.  Leaders identify the dream and motivate the team. If you have a staff, if you work with people, then you should be a leader.  Bill challenges the perceptions of his audience, as he delivers concepts and tools to help them be leaders who inspire, motivate and get results.
  • Person to Person, The Communications & Presentations Workshop “There’s a temptation in our networked age to think that ideas can be developed by e-mail and iChat, that’s crazy.”  Steve Jobs, Apple Founder
    This workshop focusing on face to face and voice to voice communication and presentation skills includes:

    • Likeability skills- Are you your most likable?
    • Find and fix your voice – examine vocal habits that weaken your impact
    • Messages that make the listener say “Wow!”
    • Use PowerPoint for good, not evil, and make your presentations powerful
    • Craft voicemail messages that people want to hear
    • Leave people feeling special.


NEW! Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Training and Coaching:

  • Start With Talent; Finish With Strength
    Working with Gallup’s groundbreaking StrengthsFinder assessment, this program helps people discover their unique combination of strengths. People who focus on their strengths every day are 6 times as likely to be engaged and productive at work..
    Programs run from 2 hours for a small group to all day facilitation for large groups.
    (Read more about StrengthsFinder here)


Services & Private Coaching:

  • Presentation Building
    A “concept to completion” service that can help you clarify your ideas, craft your message, and coach your messengers.
  • Successful Interview Coaching
    We hire and promote people we like and remember.  Show interviewers your most likable self.  You will leave with your “stories,”  memorable answers to interview questions, and a clear idea of how to look and sound your most likable.
  • Public Speaking Coaching
    Find your powerful message, become a powerful messenger. Improve your communications tools and maximize your speaking potential.


making the complicated simple and the simple powerful®