"Bill Graham is that rare trainer who actually gets people thinking. Bill makes the abstract idea of storytelling concrete.  Under Bill's guidance, the wall of writer's block reveals hidden doors to powerful solutions. His excellent process and imagination step communicating-through-story up to the next level."

"We first brought Bill in as a Keynote presenter of his Likeability Skills at our annual meeting. We've retained Bill for a half dozen regional meetings, and we have now engaged Bill to deliver Likeability Skills via video podcasts to our members.


Sales begins with being likeable and Bill exemplifies that. Having worked with Bill on our video production project, I found, as I anticipated that Bill was absolutely professional and required very little direction to understand the vision for the project.  I will continue to work with Bill and recommend that others work with him as well."

"We hired Bill to be our keynote speaker at our annual luncheon, as well as to deliver an educational seminar. Bill hit a home run both times. Bill is an engaging and energetic speaker, was easy to relate to, has some great stories, and most importantly a message that connected well with the audience. The feedback from our audience was terrific. We would love to bring Bill back at some point for another event."

"Bill Graham knows that most of the time, you may only have one shot at your audience, and is expert at making that one opportunity count to the max. He has an uncanny ability to make people care about what he's saying, and -- by extension -- what you're saying. He instinctually can sense the perfect balance between factual argument and emotional appeal, and understands that oftentimes it's as much how you say it as it is what you're saying.


He has helped us with our work immeasurably."

"Bill Graham is a great speaker for any group.


His 'likeability' message resonates with sales pros and beginners, corporate leaders, as well as spouses in the group."