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You can select from a range of programs that Bill offers, but your program will be specifically designed for your group.  Collaborate with Bill to be sure that your group gets the speech, the workshop, the facilitation, or coaching that will address their goals and objectives, while improving their communications impact.


Your group will benefit from your enhanced skills when you:


NOTE: This topic is available as either a keynote speech or a workshop

Do you spend time with people you don’t like?  Do you buy from people you don’t like? Not if you can avoid it, right?  If they don’t like you, they won’t buy your products … services … or ideas.  

It’s true for salespeople.  It’s also true for leaders, managers, teachers, doctors, engineers, politicians … really everybody.  Improve Your Likeability is a program that is eye-opening, actionable and gets lots of laughs. 



  • Your face, body, and voice are tools. They can connect you or disconnect you.
  • When they disconnect you, you've put up walls that people can't get past.
  • When they connect you, you can be personable, engaging, helpful ... likable.

Immediately usable likeability skills that will improve relationships and help you communicate with impact.


CRAFT REPEATABLE MESSAGES: Memorable is good, Repeatable is better

NOTE: This topic is available as either a keynote speech or a workshop

  • Everybody has a brand, an image.  Is yours a good one?
  • Slogans, slug lines, catchphrases should deliver a helpful, memorable value.
  • Virus is sickness. Viral can be healthy. Good viral messages make you stronger each time they are repeated.


  • Better than memorable, learn the steps to building repeatable messages.
  • Use these steps as a checklist when you or your team create mottos or subject lines.

If they remember what you say they may buy from you.
If they repeat what you say, they are marketing for you!

“The one easy way to become worth 50 percent more – at least – than you are now is to hone your communication skills …”

Warren Buffet

TELL POWERFUL STORIES: Make the professional ... personal

NOTE: This topic is available as either a keynote speech or a workshop

Stories help you: 

  • Foster emotional connections you can't get from data.
  • Make your 30 second elevator pitch an intriguing testimonial  
  • Sell your brand, your value and your humanity through stories instead of lists of services.


  • Learn the five elements that turn your personal experiences into professional stories.
  • Understand how to find your stories that identify your value to them. 
  • Your experiences and testimonials let trusted advisors sell you better than you sell yourself.   

Storytelling opens doors, connects professionals and creates trusting business relationships

Institute MW 19 class laughing


NOTE: This topic is available as either a keynote speech or a workshop

There are 3 jobs in the world: Doers, Managers and Leaders.  

  • Doers row the boat.  
  • Managers make the Doers row faster.  
  • Leaders set the course for a better future.  Then, Leaders convince the Doers to row there.  
  • Leaders identify the dream and motivate the team. 


  • Realize that any position of responsibility includes some leadership.
  • Understand the importance of staying focused on the mission.
  • Leave with steps to engage and motivate others.

“There’s a temptation in our networked age to think that ideas can be developed by e-mail and iChat, that’s crazy.”

Steve Jobs


NOTE: This topic is available as either a keynote speech or a workshop

“An engaged employee works with passion and feels a profound connection to his/her organization.
An engaged employee drives innovation and moves the organization forward.”

Gallup Research


Using the Q12: Gallup’s 12 Engagement Questions 

(30% of U.S. workers are engaged, 50% not engaged & 20% actively disengaged)  

  • People join their companies.  They quit their immediate supervisor. 
  • See how you can increase productivity, profitability and retention 
  • Understand your “actively disengaged” cave dwellers: Consistently Against Virtually Everything


  • Understand your employee’s engagement needs 
  • Get specific strategies to improve your communication   
  • Identify strategies for engaging your cave dwellers

The Q12 can be used effectively to improve member and board member engagement too!
The best way to improve engagement is to focus on a person’s strengths.


FIND YOUR STRENGTHS: Gallup’s CliftonStrengths

NOTE: This topic is available as either a keynote speech or a workshop

Start with Talent, Finish with Strength

  • What makes people successful?  CliftonStrengths unlocks the answers to this question.
  • The ways that you naturally think, feel and behave are your talents. 
  • When you develop your talents into strengths, you can transform your world.


  • Understanding each other’s strengths, gives your team greater appreciation and success.
  • Recognize that your Strengths are not virtues, but like superpowers, your Strengths should be tools for good.
  • See the value that others bring to the table.

Discover Your Strengths


For the assessment, go to the link Gallup Strengths Assessment, ($19.99 per person) and discover your personal strengths. The cost includes a free download of the bestselling StrengthsFinder 2.0 e-book. Make sure you read the Strengths Insight Guide. The results will be unique for you!


StrengthsFinder Workshops:

  • Are fun, engaging and enlightening
  • Open eyes, take down silos, build understanding
  • Can be delivered in the office, at conferences and during retreats

Programs run from 2 hours for a small group to all day facilitation for large groups.

"Board Governs, Staff Manages”

Bob Harris


NOTE: This topic is available as either a keynote speech or a workshop

This workshop focuses on making your presentation better.  Face to face/voice to voice skills including:

  • Likeability skills- People listen to people they like.
  • Fix your voice, find your voice – examine vocal habits that turn people off and weaken your impact
  • Craft messages that make the listener say “Wow!”
  • Use PowerPoint for good, not evil.  Get the list that will help make your presentations powerful


NOTE: This topic is available as either a keynote speech or a workshop

Is your 5-year-plan … 6-years-old?  

Does your board have a short amount of time to focus on their long-term goals?

It is possible to develop your future strategy through a day, or half day, not a weekend.  

  • Have a successful strategic planning meeting that only takes 4-6 hours.  
  • Make sure board members are heard before the strategic planning meeting. 
  • Finish with an outline that will guide the next steps to the future. 


NOTE: This topic is available as a workshop.

Is your team really customer-focused?
This program, delivered with Impact Advantage, helps you help them:

  • Practice conversations that build relationships 
  • Understand what questions to ask help them see their world and your value.
  • Take steps toward being a trusted advisor instead of a salesperson.