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Workshop & Seminar Testimonials

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Leadership Workshops

Bill Graham's presentation to Leadership Frederick was outstanding. The material was incredibly focused and very high leverage and Bill was energetic and engaging. I am already thinking of ways to use his information about the power of stories in our work with the Census Bureau. One of the most powerful distinctions I learned was how Bill crystallizes the overtly overwhelming problem of creating a powerful personal story into a short, easy to follow heuristic which anyone can learn to apply in a range of situations: from marketing to my family. I am looking forward to hearing him again and highly recommend his program as a way to add tools in the leadership tool chest.

John Elrick Fenestra Technologies June 4, 2013

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Association Presentations

"I was at Bear Stearns for 24 years, part of which I served as Director of Marketing which included responsibility for all of the firm’s conferences. Bear was, at the time, one of the top five investment banks in the country. Given the job, I gave, created and attended many presentations. In addition, I have done a fair amount of speaking (been a conference speaker, taught at law school, trained brokers, etc).

Your presentation yesterday was one of the most informative, educational and entertaining I have seen on any topic from anyone, anywhere, anytime."

Jonathan S. Barnett Chairman/CEO, The Cententia Group April 22, 2013

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Arch Lustberg Testimonial

"Bill has worked for several of my corporate and association clients. They have unanimously given him great reviews. He's a splendid performance coach."

Arch Lustberg Arch Lustberg Communications, Inc. April 22, 2013

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Continuing Legal Education

"Our attorneys need to effectively and succinctly make points for our clients every day. Bill offered concrete examples on how our people can become even better lawyers by becoming better communicators.

Every professional who deals with high stakes situations including litigation and transaction negotiations needs to hear this presentation which also applies to day to day office and routine client interactions as well. Bill Graham’s instruction on leadership and likeability is invaluable."

Quentin R. Boyken, President, Belin McCormick Law Firm April 22, 2013

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Panel Moderator Training Video

"I have worked with Bill on several leadership courses at events that I have planned over the past few years. From mid-level manager to CEO, Bill provides an informative and useful presentation to all levels across different disciplines. Most recently, I hired Bill to deliver a training program for moderators at our Annual Convention. We wanted to provide our moderators with the skills to deliver an exciting and engaging panel discussion. As our moderators come from all over the world we decided to film Bill in a studio and put the training program on line. I could not have been more pleased with the final outcome of the webcast. Bill delivered a quality product that provided immediately applicable tools on moderating a dynamic panel discussion."

Sarah Sneeringer Arth, CAE Director, Programs at Biotechnology Industry Organization April 21, 2013

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Likeability Seminar

"HOW important is your look? What do other people see when they are talking to you? Are they listening to you or are they tuned out? Are you actively listening to them? How does your body language and you facial features play a role in the sales call. ATTEND one of Bill Grahams Seminars and find out. I have atttended two of Bills seminars and found them to be very worth while. Each seminar, I have taken away a dozen or so ideas that I put into practical use every day. The results are amazing. Contact Bill and see for yourself!"

Gary Alessio Print Tech and The New Business of Printing January 22, 2013

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Annual Meetings

"We first brought Bill in as a Keynote presenter of his Likeability Skills training at our annual meeting. As a result of Bill's engaging presentation skills and extremely useful content subject matter, we've retained Bill for a half dozen or so regional meetings and we have now engaged with Bill to deliver Likeability Skills via video podcasts to our members.

Sales begins with being likeable and Bill exemplifies that. Having worked with Bill on our video production project, I found, as I anticipated that Bill was absolutely professional and required very little direction to understand the vision for the project.
I will continue to work with Bill and recommend that others work with him as well."

Greg Jones Vice President - Smartforce Development at AMT - The Association For Manufacturing January 18, 2013

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Sales Seminars

"I have seen several of Bill's presentations on likeability skills. His seminar has personally helped me better relate to customers, prospects, and coworkers. Bill's method of presenting and audience engagement are fantastic, and best of all he practices what he preaches. Bill provides you with knowledge that you can take home and use the same day."

David Austin Director, End-User Products at Equipment Data Associates January 16, 2013

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Government Oral Presentations

"Even with many years of oral presentation experience, each time I work with Bill Graham, I learn new ways for our presentations to be more effective, memorable, easier and more gratifying to deliver. Best yet, we've seen Bill's coaching work effectively for both novice and seasoned presenters."

Stacie O. Condrell Vice President DMJM H&N January 15, 2013

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Workshop for US Chamber’s Institute

US Chamber's Institute Participants

• Great job engaging the class; dynamic
• Great presentation, knowledgeable, and likeable speaker
• Bill – absolutely amazing! Thank you for the info you shared
• Excellent: liked him, now trust him, and am sure I will remember Bill.
• Outstanding! I took several public speaking classes and still learned so many new skills
• Wonderful, Awesome, Fabulous!
• Loved this class!
• Bill opened the door for me to feel accepted by the group
• Awesome, Wonderful, enjoyable, phenomenal
• Very memorable; really appreciate the time Bill spent teaching
• Relevant to everyone regardless of position; absolutely fanatastic
• Taught me skills I know I can and should use always.
• Valuable information that I plan to apply in all aspects of my life
• Good examples. Connects well to the work
• Great presentation!
• In Chamber world, I’ve heard too many speakers – the best ever!
• I doubt he ever gets a bad evaluation. Entertaining and informative
• Best instructor. A powerful message.
• Great info, something you can take with you and use immediately as well as practice often – Thank you!
• The best yet! We need this every year – it needs repeating. Did I mention this was the best yet?
• Fantastic! The best class we’ve had! So much to learn and such a great teacher!
• Thank you!!! Your message can truly help chambers be more effective to our members and BOD.
• Great! Energetic, valuable knowledge!
• A fantastic course! Can’t wait for next year– I really hope I can learn more from you!
• Great energy and very pertinent information.
• My favorite class. So helpful.
• Great enlightenment on myself, and a wake-up call on how to deal with media and messaging.
• Fantastic session. Great information, presented effectively.
• Great tips and practices.
• Great tools to use!
• What a great class!
• Bill was very good. He had a lot of good points. Even the things we already know, he encouraged us to think about them. I am sure we will all be checking our “face” from now on.
• After numerous college courses resulting in several degrees, followed by continuing professional education that never stops, it is rare to learn something new. I was truly stimulated. Thanks.
• Excellent presentation – relevant information, very helpful.
• I cannot say enough positive things. I wish it was longer. Bill is an excellent instructor, and his course will help in both professional and personal life.
• Very helpful. Reinforced long held beliefs and introduced new techniques. Great examples and feedback.
• Very helpful, knowledgeable. I took away lots of good pointers. Mr. Graham is a wonderful presenter.
• Bill reminded us the business doesn’t necessarily equate with ‘conservative professional’ - you should always be you!
• Excellent. Very relevant to my professional development...
• Fantastic - I can use this material in every aspect of my life!
• Terrific!
• Great presenter!
• Loved the instructor! I learned many “helpful” tools to gain better presentation skills. Fantastic!
• Great. Awesome.
• Not what I expected, but much better.
• Loved the course and Bill! Excellent! A+ Trying his tools out immediately.
• Very informative, helpful, and creative. I will take what I learned and use it every day!
• Fabulous speaker. Funny, entertaining, kept my attention for 3 hours – not easy! Very helpful and easy to digest information.
• Excellent in every way!!
• Phenomenal – really helpful for those I come in contact with too!
• He is amazing, loved it!
• Awesome!
• The best presenter yet! Very valuable information that I plan on practicing and relaying to my co-workers.
• Love Love Loved this and Bill!
• I was fully engaged by the speaker. I picked up a lot of helpful information regarding presentations.

January 15, 2013

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Sales Training

"I have been a successful salesman for 25 years. Bill Graham's storytelling and likeability training program helped me discover new ways to express myself, not only in presentations, but even with voicemails and written correspondence. The results are amazing.

The positive responses to my presentations have been overwhelming since utilizing Mr. Graham's recommendations. I highly recommend his program for any sales group wanting to enhance their selling techniques and improve their ability to get the right message to their customer."

David C. Smith Vice President, C.J. Smith Machinery January 7, 2013

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Likeability and Storytelling Workshops

"Bill Graham is a great speaker for any group.

His 'likeability' message resonates with sales pros and beginners, corporate leaders, as well as spouses in the group.

His 'storytelling' message helps people in their daily and professional lives. In fact, it has helped me many times personally, specifically in negotiating a large contract a few months ago.

Bill teaches his audience the value of "storytelling" so clearly that it has created some memorable unscripted moments at meetings. His experience in "messaging and the media" is unique and exceptional. I look forward to having him back with us soon."

Peter Borden President American Machine Tool Distributors Association January 7, 2013

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Job Interview Coaching

"Bill was inspiring, honest, and tremendously enlightening. From his class, I feel confident to say that I have much to offer. He has life, truth, and core-piercing encouraging words that bring life to the soul."

June Patterson January 5, 2013